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Despite the fact that machine translation is actually a possibility, it's nowhere near as accurate as employing a qualified translator to custom translate your site for you.

Machine translations cannot recognize subtle uses of words and phrases that might not really be regarded as official but are nonetheless acceptable in every day language usage.

These sites function on the revenue model and generate money by the number of clicks and amount of users to the web page.

Nonetheless in case you require some business related text that really needs to be translated to a foreign language even while maintaining its privacy, you are able to often opt for secured web sites that can translate as many pages as you desire and charge extremely inexpensive rates as well.

Symfony includes a command called The locations are listed here with the highest priority first.

That is, you can override the translation messages of a bundle in any of the top two directories.

There are numerous reasons for undertaking this, such as business growth, providing services to international customers, and providing the bulk of your website audience with a much easier to read web site.

For instance, in the event that 30 percent of your traffic is generated from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, you might see a much higher conversion rate simply by offering a German translation of your website.


For this to work, you need to tell Symfony how to translate the message via a "translation resource", which is usually a file that contains a collection of translations for a given locale.The override mechanism works at a key level: only the overridden keys need to be listed in a higher priority message file.


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