Is eric szmanda dating dita von teese

FNB: Which vintage actresses/models/performers have most inspired and influenced you?

DVT: As I said, Betty Grable was a big influence because she had this way about her both onscreen and off that made her sexy AND likeable. She was a real “girls’ girl” and therefore she had a lot of female fans but was still a sex symbol. DVT: Well, I always say that having good lighting in your house makes you feel more beautiful …

FNB: Do you have any favorite vintage stores in LA and Paris?

DVT: In Paris, I don’t…you just don’t find well-priced good vintage in Paris.

For nearly 20 years, Dita Von Teese has mesmerized audiences with her brand of burlesque – sexy and sophisticated, provocative and polished. I saw her perform at the Roxy the last time she was in Los Angeles and wanted to know more about her and how she puts the show together. FNB: Your show is terrific and your costumes are spectacular.

In this current show, do you have a favorite number?

I’ve tried, but I have yet to be impressed, so I don’t shop for vintage there.


It’s a lot of fun to work with these designers because their tailoring and attention to detail is amazing.Elie Saab did three gowns for me, and one is a long sheer gown covered in silver embroidered stars and I remember asking for a piece of the fabric to make a g-string out of and they came out of the atelier in Paris with two things: a piece of fine tulle and a bag of tiny beads.I had no idea that each and every tiny bead on this incredible, sweeping gown had been hands sewn on. I also work with Christian Louboutin for all my shoes for the shows, and we have fun in his atelier coming up with new extravagant ideas for show-shoes … FNB: From what I’ve read, your Mom was a big fan of old movies and got you hooked as well.Later on in the show, her character, who has a passion for forensics, becomes romantically involved with investigator Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda)."I was in love with her the minute I met her," Szmanda told last month.

"We're going to try shooting a kiss, and we'll see if it makes the cut."The "CSI" episode airs next Thursday at 9 p.m.

Dita Von Teese has starred in the music video for Monarchy's new single 'Disintegration'.


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