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Name an occupation that should only be done by very smart people.Name one word that you always see on the covers of celebrity magazines.After their parents say no name something kids do to get what they want.If an Elvis impersonator had a rummage sale what would you expect to find there? Name a downside to being the youngest child in a big family.Name something a stay-at-home parent does while the kids are napping.Name something a teenager is more likely to have on their body than their grandparent..Find the first question below and click on it to see all of the answers for that game.

Name a place where adults go to relax while kids go to play.Name a public place where only the world’s least romantic guy would propose. Name a specific reason kids give for not wanting to eat a vegetable.Name a specific type of family function that your partner doesn’t always want to attend.Name a talent that it’s painful to watch an amateur do.

Name a type of cookie that Mom has a favorite recipe for.Name something a kid would do after school to make an extra buck.


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