Benicio del toro dating ana armas emotional abuse in teen dating

Genesis shows Evan the video she recorded earlier with his phone of him and Bel having sex.

As Evan watches on, she uploads it to his Facebook profile.

He opens the door and they say that they are looking for the address of a party.


Two women, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana de Armas) knock on Evan's door.

Evan initially refuses, but the girls threaten to Face Time his wife with him unless he agrees with their methods. Louis arrives to collect the sculpture and finds Evan tied up to a chair, but before he can help him he hears the girls smashing the vandalized sculpture.

He runs to stop them, but then has an asthma attack and realizes they took his inhaler.

The girls make themselves at home and Evan plays a few of his old vinyl records he has from when he was a DJ.

They then disappear to the bathroom when their driver arrives.They tie him up with a hose, then bury him in the hole, leaving only his head above ground.


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