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Yes, the average gay man gets it every six days, and the average straight man gets it every six weeks, but it makes us no more sex-crazed – just luckier. When straight guys watch a football game, they watch guys throw a ball, catch a ball, run with the ball, and have to try to catch glimpses of cheerleaders as the network goes to commercial. Diving’s even worse, with the camera zooming in on men in Speedos and holding there, while the diver prepares to launch himself.

When gay guys watch a football game, we watch the throwing, catching and running, but we also get 60 minutes of built guys in tight pants piling up on, and grabbing at, one another. It’s strange how seeing guys in Speedos makes many straight guys uncomfortable. This last Super Bowl was one of the greatest ever played.

..more MY OWN PRIVATE RIVER PHOENIX As a little girl in Japan, Ai wanted to move to America to marry her crush, River Phoenix.

Unfortunately he died before she even made it across the Pacific.


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