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It’s also a good chance to explain the differences between the things that are OK to do in public and what should be kept private.Try these tips: Talking to your child about sex while they’re still in primary school will help you to work out their level of understanding and encourage them to ask questions.It’s also important to explain why they should always check if the other person is happy to engage in any sexual behaviour (give their consent).More about consent and children's legal rights Lots of young people contact Childline about their relationships.Highlights from their chat:__and I was hugely pregnant, dragging you around and saying, “This is Amy Adams! You need to know her.” That was 2006, and now it’s 2013 and you’ve been nominated for an Oscar for the fourth time. I went through plenty of that period as well and I’m sure there will be another period of that in my future, as it happens to most actors at some point. There are certain actors you work with and something happens when you’re working with them. I can’t be on the phone anymore.”Your next movie out is *Man of Steel.*Lois Lane is a huge part. And more challenging than I expected, in the nature of creating these whole entire worlds that are not there. In this business, some actors have been practicing their Oscar speech since they were eight years old; others fall into it. I didn’t sort of make a goal list like “Get nominated for an Oscar” or anything.I’m just trying to enjoy it and have fun with it this time. I just get to show up in a dress and drink champagne. I’ve worked with great actors where this hasn’t happened, and I’ve worked with great actors where this has. I have to give you a lot of credit for the diversity of the parts that you pick, or the parts that pick you. Your trajectory, in one sense, is really traditional. I didn’t have a huge skill set coming out of high school, and I was my sole provider.Children with developmental delays may not stick to these age guides.



It’ll give you the chance to understand their feelings and work out how much they know about sex.Of course, this won't be easy for everyone, especially if your child's behaviour seems shocking or morally wrong to you. Sexualised behaviour which is significantly more advanced than you'd normally expect for a child of a particular age or which shows a lack of inhibition, could be a cause for concern.


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