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But between faith in Christ and goodness in behavior, the Church has, until recently, nearly always taught that faith is more important.Thus the Church held for nearly two millennia that even the kindest non Christians were all doomed: “Outside of the Church there is no salvation.” In a major move toward ethical monotheism, the twentieth century Catholic Church has reinterpreted this statement, and now teaches that while salvation will come through Jesus, it is not necessary for an individual to assert belief in Jesus by name in order to be saved; only God judges who is saved, and Catholics cannot declare who they are. of the Devil tempting a human being to cruelty.1 Some statements attributed to Jesus can lead a Christian to abandon the fight against evil: “Resist not evil” is the prime example.



Like all religions, however, Islam contains xenophobic elements and doctrines that are incompatible with ethical monotheism.

Islam needs to compete with secularism, not outlaw it, and to allow competing ideologies within Islam.


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