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The latest DVR is featuring with intelligent searching options that will ease up to locate and pinpoint the exact clip of the event with date and time stamp.

Therefore, it is a must to have a DVR Hard Drive for recording along with the surveillance system.

Before you start looking for a new security camera, make sure you read our guide on the Best Security Camera Brand in 2018.

It will guide you through the best brands, what makes them different and then a small review of their top 3 cameras.

If the pixel rates are high, then camera resolution will be more.

The resolutions are given in horizontal and vertical numbers for example 1280 x 800.

Therefore, look for cameras with higher resolution rates.

DVR Hard Drive for Recording ‚ÄčIt is practically not possible to man somebody to monitor and record the activities beamed by the security camera system.


So look for a camera that has a high resolution and higher pixel.Some of the highlighted features are as follows: Day and night surveillance: This security camera is a combination of four high-resolution 800 TVL cameras fitted with 3.6 mm lens for better resolution and clarity.The CCTV resolutions are measured in TV lines, and the more the TV lines, the better the resolution will be.The lens has 75 wide angle view and is supported by two dozen Infrared LED lights to offer visual clarity.

They provide crystal clear pictures till about 65 feet.Huge memory: It has a huge Pre-Installed Hard Drive and can be expandable up to 3 TB for 6 Days of Continuous Recording at high definition.


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