Mike fisher dating carrie underwood


In July, 2014, Carrie Underwood tweeted a Happy Anniversary greeting to her husband. After some teasing from fans, the mistake was corrected. As part of a Dirty Laundry game, Oakley asked her if she'd ever made out with a fan, suggesting that Fisher might count as one. Their mutual friend, Underwood's bassist Mark Childers, had actually orchestrated the meeting, reports. They talked on the phone for three months before their first date, and the rest was history.

And while the husband and wife, who got married in July 2010, keep their private lives pretty private, they still manage to share plenty of sweet moments in public.

"Wouldn't you hope that your husband is a fan of you? Underwood was skeptical of the idea of dating someone all the way in Canada, so she suggested they meet up at the no-pressure event. So maybe their story doesn't prove we can marry our celebrity crushes, but it does give us faith in long-distance relationships.

But before you take this as evidence that dreams really do come true, it turns out he wasn't just another fan.

Family members confirmed this, but neither Carrie nor Travis have spoken publicly about their relationship.

After a performance in 2008, Carrie was introduced to Mike Fisher, who had played ice hockey for the Ottawa Senators since 1999.

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