Masturbration chat

I even never knew anything about girls and guys masturbation. I entered accidentally one of the sex sites and most probably out of curiousity about a new thing, depression, and much free time.

I did this only about two months but I chatted and masturbated several times in a day.

I chatted with several guys two days ago, and now i am very worried about my body. I hope you answer my questions quickly it is very urgent. Heather Corinna replies: Before I talk about anything else, I want to address a couple things right off the bat in the hopes that you will feel some quick emotional relief, and can let go of some of the fear and panic you’ve been living with.

Until this moment, I still feel jelly like and watery from down inside for no reason. What you experienced — that “water” or “jelly” — when you were chatting was most likely vaginal lubrication.

It was just after 12 AM because I remember we'd just cut the cake.

Trying to pretend like nothing happened, I quickly ran inside into the room where my friends sat.

I have yet to hear anyone define the loss of virginity as a woman getting excited, looking at or touching her own anatomy or talking about sex with others.

I also have not generally heard anyone say that someone who masturbates is not a virgin, even in very traditional cultures or communities.

However, the thought of sitting safely tucked in a car with a male friend was relieving to say the least.

Source : chatting, we reached his place in no time.


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    Rose, 30, is a single mom who was previously married to Wiz Khalifa, the father of her 3-year-old son.

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    But after quickly discovering there are no real people. I got the same message from multiple women from different states, asking the same question over and over.

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