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“Besides, Danny has no room to talk, especially since he cheated on me many times throughout our marriage!He was extremely rude, and I am still traumatized that he sunk so low, but I shouldn’t be surprised.” [From The National Enquirer, print version, April 13, 2009] I saw the “Steppin’ Out” photos- they were far from risque; mostly bathing suit, pinup-style shots.She left California to join him in Philadelphia, manages his career and assists with his morning radio show on WYSP.Danny Bonaduce Amy Railsack married " data-medium-file="https://pairsblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/bonaduce-railsack.png?“He also falsely accused me of having sex with a man a week before we got married, which couldn’t be further from the truth.“Danny lashed out at me for dating a married man, but the full story is, my boyfriend has been going through a complicated divorce since 2001.With all that in mind, Gretchen still thought it was a good idea to go on Danny’s radio show, expecting him to act like a decent human being.

Gretchen, who filed for divorce in 2007, says their relationship had been amicable until last month when she appeared on his radio show, “The Danny Bonaduce Show” in Philadelphia – and he launched a verbal attack on her.

Meanwhile, Danny, let’s not forget, has a habit of getting drunk and stripping down completely naked in public! As for his accusation that Gretchen had sex with someone a week before they got married – well, they got married just hours after their first date! And what’s with Danny’s new fiancee- who is a dead ringer for Gretchen when she was younger?



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