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We have been advocates of STIX, TAXII and Cyb Ox for some time.OASIS as an international standards checkpoint will undoubtedly improve threat intelligence sharing amongst partners by facilitating the exchange of computer-readable threat information.Development of an industry-wide standards framework for cyber threat intelligence is crucial for the information security industry to be able to define and share threats.New Context is a proud sponsor of OASIS and believes strongly in open and transparent standards frameworks development.By sharing details about malicious incidents quickly, not only between the public and private sectors, but across industry lines within the private sector as well, we can work together to better defend ourselves and stay ahead of the hackers.STIX and TAXII in particular are important initiatives towards next generation threat intelligence.We look forward to contributing to CTI as we continue to establish and maintain open standards, while improving cyber security capabilities and reducing workload.Open standards and community sharing are vital components of a successful and effective fight against cybercrime.


We chatted 5 Hour straight, then the exchanged number before the reluctantly coming to offline. 2 years later the January 2017 we got married living dream.Using the same terms, data streams, and threat modeling methods will help researchers, vendors, and law enforcement alike share information back and forth to stay abreast or even ahead of threat actor groups.We are pleased to contribute to this and more through OASIS.Our goal is to make Threat Intelligence, from a variety of sources, timely and actionable.

Focusing on standardizing threat intelligence technologies to keep sensitive government and corporate information secure is paramount to the mission of OASIS and its members.We have long been committed to any advances that can better enable the sharing of threat intelligence among security professionals.



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