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"We heard it through the grapevine." GALLERY: Comic Con PHOTOS (Story continues below): In Sci-Fi Speed Dating, nobody gives out their names.

Instead they're assigned a number -- to avoid the occasional stalker -- and at the end of dozens of rounds, each person writes down his or her favorite numbers. Other participants, like Batman -- also known as Kamel Nelson, 25 -- had a blast talking with other like-minded fanboys and girls.

In each session, 30 guys and 30 girls get a whirlwind chance to make connections, and some are even lucky enough to find a "Perfect Match".

With Ryan's secret speed dating formula, let the dating begin! Turns out one of his first success stories was his own!

Every geek has had that moment where you strike up a conversation and everything's going swimmingly until you mention one of your favorite topics and their eyes glaze over.

That's why Ryan Glitch started Sci-Fi Speed-Dating to help geeks find people they could geek out with, and maybe even find a spark of Geek Love!

, a project that follows a speed-dating service at nerd-drawing events like Comic-Con.

They were a hit at their first convention, having to turn away nearly 1,000 people that weekend.

RYAN GLITCH: I tried speed dating at another convention. People were getting up and leaving halfway through. Eight minutes is a long time to cold-talk to somebody! They had a convention coming up called Celebration 5, and they had an idea submission [form] on the main website. We had to turn away about 1,000 people over the weekend. Other conventions heard about it, and it just snowballed into what it is. If I could get that to happen, I could do a lot of good. Everybody that I work with in my crew — cause it’s not just me; I’ve got a crew of six people who are awesome — we’ve all talked about wanting to donate some of our money to charity, which we’d really like to do. If we keep getting to go to conventions for free and help people, we’re game on.


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