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Each of them has got a red couch and a big mirror on the wall – and that’s it.


Right opposite of Kittens Bar (see above) is one of the two sister Pump Station bars.Only recommended to visit if you have been to all other places on this list. It’s being run by a French guy who really knows what his customers enjoy: Five extremely comfortable seating areas with mattresses and tables on them, each with curtains around that can be closed once you start with the blow job or short time and also surprisingly young and attractive girls.Some of them even worked in the Go Go Bars on Walking Street before but are too lazy to dance – but not too lazy to suck.They also have a short time room for sex that comes with a bed, bathroom and shower.


The newest BJ bar in this area and you will notice that immediately when you go in: New and modern set up, furniture and they even got a big TV connected to a laptop where both girls and customers choose the songs from You Tube.Nowadays you might even find only two waitresses during the low season serving you with a drink and no blow jobs at all.


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