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Or you could just start one through Mirc say on Efnet. Pisnazgah wonky thing would not work first 3 times lolclick on link for direct access to the irc channel (if clicking does not work copy it into IE it's evil but handles this the best)You will need MIRC installed am current lurking as the OP I have an @ and will try to bring a bot online with control I tried those links, one of them got me to the 'page cannot be displayed' message and the other just went nuts! Wants me to download stuff which opens warning windows on my screen. you cant even get in through the java chat at work?? but he is keeping the chat open to all and you can reach him there..Well I know of a server that we could use it's a friend of mine private server been running for years now. duckstats Happy new year 2018 is 1st way to start love story,​ so keep smiles together & never gives up! duckstats Merry xmas n happy new year 2018 is 1st way to start love story,​ so keep smiles together & never gives up!


We’ve updated the rules for the Network and for #theden.

If anyone here has IRC experience, get ahold of me as if this grows, more channel operators will be needed.

I havent been a member very long, but, i have met some really nice ppl on here and this is my way to say thank you and my way to contribute to ppl getting to know one another. I'm currently workin on getting a java applet chat window as well fo rthis feature...

i'm also working on an irc chat client that ppl can use that will be trouble free to connect to the pof msg above giving the irc server info..

i forgot to mention of coures you'll have to dload m IRC go to : www dot mirc dot com where you can dload it free...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. i'm workin on a lil project here and its an IRC chat for New Brunswick POF users.


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