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"As we predicted, the aspects of narcissism that we thought would be related were (related)--the lack of empathy, the entitlement aspects of narcissism," Mouilso said.

What surprised them was the link between vulnerable narcissism and rape perpetration.

For the fourth straight year, renovation jobs have added less to resale values relative to their costs....

Unofficial Problem Bank List increases to 551: This is an unofficial list of Problem Banks compiled only from public sources....

While only those who commit acts of sexual violence can stop sexual assault, women may be able to reduce the likelihood that they ...

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Vulnerable narcissists express high levels of self-esteem but are actually very insecure, Mouilso said.

The study found that men with vulnerable narcissistic traits were more likely to use alcohol or other date-rape drugs to incapacitate their victims, a finding that is especially concerning on a college campus, Mouilso said.


Renovating doesn't pay off like it used to: Home remodelers are getting less bang for their bucks. Narcissists feel a sense of entitlement to anything they want, something that makes it easier for them to rationalize their aggressive and sometimes illegal behaviors, Mouilso said.Many previous studies have used incarcerated sex offenders as their sample pool, which makes it more difficult to generalize results to other populations.Stock investors won't hold breath for Santa: Santa came early for Wall Street this year by delivering a 22 percent return for 2009, and with just a handful of trading days to go, stock investors aren't expecting to find much more under the tree....


National Debt (UK) hits post-war peak as tax receipts slide: The national debt has burst through the 60pc of gross domestic product level for the first time in post-war history, in the latest blow to the Government's fiscal credibility....One word before you do though: as with all sexual practises (but most particularly anything slightly unusual), these are only to be practised with consensual and willing partners after discussing.



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