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He said: 'I am in a position to settle to an amount that I owe. I'm not hiding.'There is a possibility Boris' bankruptcy could be annulled should he settle his dispute in the coming months. I could sit it out and say, "My doctor is telling me I need a holiday; my wife hasn't seen me much." Theoretically I could do that, but that is the last thing I want to do.It's a bit like if you go to a restaurant and order a chicken sandwich and a cola and the bill is £10,000. In light of his woes, the German star has set his sights on reaching a resolution, which he deemed as 'important' to him. To clarify, I want to settle the bill and move on with my life.'And the former Wimbledon champion explained that he takes 'full responsibility' for his financial situation but had the bank played theoretical tennis 'doubles' with him, he would have avoided his bankruptcy.Honest: Speaking in an interview with Swiss newspaper, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Mr Becker said: 'It's crazy to think I'm broke.I have enough national and international deals to earn an income that will allow me to pay my staff on time and carry on my life as normal'However in the summer of 1999, while Barbara was seven months pregnant with Elias, Boris fathered his daughter Anna during a one-night-stand with Russian model Angela Ermakova at Nobu in London.'It's true that I have been in bankruptcy since June 21, but it's wrong that I am broke,' he claimed.Boris married his first wife Barbara in December 1993, with the couple going on to have Noah and Elias.When Barbara found out about the one night stand she moved to Florida and filed for divorce.



Speaking to The Times, the former Tennis pro claimed that the situation arose because of a dispute over the interest he owes.

Boris definitively does not want to leave me a message. Three time Wimbledon tennis champion Borris has been declared bankrupt over a debt of £3.34million owed to a private bank.



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