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Proceeds from its sale go to the non-profit mentioned above, but seriously, just look up the Liz Logelin Foundation and write them a check instead (it's a worthy cause.) He also has a blog with a devoted following, so that might be worth perusing, as well.But please don't bother reading this book otherwise, because it is terrible and made me never want to visit his blog or, to be honest, have anything to do with him ever.Gradually, through the Internet, he met and bonded with others in similar circumstances, and he continued to maintain close ties with his friends and relatives.

From their first meeting in 1996, they experienced a story-book romance and were blessed with close family and friends, good jobs and a new home.

The author writes movingly of how his grief mingled with joy as his tiny infant thrived under his care and he began to piece his life back together.



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